PIMEC Cutting Edge is continuously evolving, striving to produce the most innovative products within the Hair Transplant field. This includes the many special features the Blade Cutter has incorporated:
• Adjustable angle fence to allow 90, 60, 45 and 30-degree blades to be produced.
• Adjustment knob marked with widths most used by surgeons will allow cutting from 0.5 mm to 1.8mm. Continued rotation of the adjustor knob will permit even wider blades.
• Cutting blades made of tungsten carbide and stainless steel are much harder than the stainless steel prep blade ensure of a longer cutting life.
The Blade Cutter is de-magnetized, allowing each blade to fall as it is cut. It is possible to magnetize recipient site blade materiel. Some blades come with a film of oil on them. this may result in the cut blade sticking to the Blade Cutter. This will hold cut blades near the cutter edges and may result in more than one thickness of blade cut.
After you receive your new Cutting System, Our team will visit you and provide a complete training about how to use the Cutter, and explains special care instructions. Also written instructions in English and several other languages will be available.
Our shop cutter has in excess of 10,000 blades cut without sharpening.